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The smart, fun, and profitable way to run social media prize giveaways

Why Agave

  • Increase your following
  • Build a database from your followers and beyond
  • Source or monetize partnerships
  • Genuinely connect with your audience in meaningful ways that build your brand

All with Agave.



  • Agave replaces the old way of doing prize giveaways with a simple game that is fair, transparent, and highly addictive

  • Contest entrants race against other entrants to land on one of many winning numbers

  • High value prizes are delivered safely and automatically to winners

  • The result is pure virality with an excitement that will build your brand


During the contest you are able to:

  • Ask contest entrants questions, record responses, and generate leads
  • Share your content, products, and videos without requiring additional posts or stories on your page
  • Crowd-source efforts to support a charitable cause without requesting donations from your followers or contest entrants

Own Your Following

Collect the personal contact information of each contest entrant in a way that is respectful and transparent.

This allows you to “own” your following and connect with them outside of your social media channel through email or text. Now you have control.

“FINALLY…I’ve been waiting for a tool like this for a long time”

– 250k+ Instagram Influencer


Each Contest is Branded to Represent You

It’s your platform and designed to represent you.

It’s your tool. Partner, if you choose, with highly respected brands that trust Agave to help promote their products or use it to more efficiently promote your own brand and products


A contest is better with better prizes. It’s that simple. Agave has partnered with top brands to provide you and your followers with luxury travel experiences, top-of-the-line tech toys, and quality home good products. 

Agave can provide prizes to supplement your existing prizes for your contest.

Have your own prizes? Not a problem. You may run your own Agave contests with your own prizes.